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Cosmic Cat Purrfest Meditation

Relax into the vibrating sound of cosmic cats.

Full Moon Meditation

Let go of your agitation and seek out positive affirmations with the powerful full moon.

Self-Worth - I Believe in Me

How to overcome the negativity inside.

I am Flame of Light - Release Burden into the Fire

Let everything go into the flames and connect with fire.

Blackbird Blessings - Visualisation - Birdsong - Harp

Short visualisation from the eyes of a blackbird then lots of blackbird song with healing harp melodies.

What Colour are You? Peaceful Colour Meditation with Ambient Healing Music

Colour visualisation, peaceful meditation, a little breathing, beautiful, soothing music.

Venus - Inspiring Guidance & Cosmic Harp Journeying

Soar to Venus with beautiful reflections, affirmations and ethereal harp music.

Golden Sun Meditation - Tropical Harp Soundscape - Feel at Ease in the Warmth

A meditation on the warmth and nourishment of the sun followed by a tropical harp soundscape.

Psychic Vampires - Gaining Confidence - Breathing - Flowing Harp Activation

How do you deal with psychic vampires and how do you protect your spirit? Breathing and harp activation.

A Meditation on Earth - Positive Affirmations - Cosmic Harp Journeying

Astrological reflections on what it means to live on Earth. Positive, healing affirmations. Healing harp meditation.

How to Manage our Inner Critic - Ambient Harp Meditation & Bright Activation

Reflections on confidence, self-criticism, helping others and ourselves out of negative frameworks. 4-7-8 breathwork. Calm Meditation. Harp activation. Hugs.

The Voices - A Stream of Healing Consciousness and Light

Reflections and healing words on negative thoughts, our unique selves, building self power, singing our own songs, and personal experiences with the astral dimension.

I am the Wind - Into the Nucleus of Nature you go - Meditation & Bright Solstice Harp

A meditation on nature. A silent meditation (with the wind in the background) and a Solstice harp activation to end.

Cultivating Gratitude - 5 Minute Meditation - 3 Minute Harp Reset

A chat about being grateful, a 5 minute silent meditation and a 3 minute harp reset for good vibrations.

Silver Snow Moon - Empowerment Prayer & Cosmic Harp

Prayer of empowerment taking in the energies of the moon.

Hummingbird Prayer - Joyful Harp - Magical Words

A magical, healing prayer calling in the energy of the joyful hummingbird with uplifting harp melodies.

Mermaid Meditation - A Vision Quest into the Ocean - Come play with the Dolphins

Calm cosmic harp, an awakening ocean soundscape and a soothing underwater vision quest.

Prayer to my Spirit Guides - Powerful Words - Ethereal Harp

A powerful prayer asking for help in finding a peaceful, joyful, healing existence.

Resisting Letting Go of the Bad - Leaving the Past Behind

The tricks the mind can play when dealing with negative experiences and thinking about how to snap out of that way of thinking. Plus lovely, ethereal harp.

Acceptance - Centering Words - Sweet Harp

Reflecting on how to accept situations and relinquish control followed by sweet harp.

Spring - Come Rest in the Woods for a While

A little nature meditation featuring delightful birdsong.

Patience - Lessons - Breathwork - Magical Music

A relaxing, healing meditation about cultivating more patience.

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