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Unexpected Victories of Love - Sermon by Fr Andrew Robinson with Soothing Music

Hello dear family,I would love you to listen to this sermon from Father Andrew Robinson. The first time I heard his gentle words I had tears streaming down my face. It...

Memorare - Petition To The Virgin Mary

This is a beautiful prayer repeated five times and accompanied by ambient harp music. Call on Mary to pray for you. Send up your worries to her and feel the embrace of...

Comforting Divine Mother Meditation with Celestial Harp

A longer episode today."Just as the sun shines in the sky and the moons radiates through the night, the Divine Mother is always here for you". This a line from the cha...

The Lord is my Shepherd - Whispered

This prayer meditation is made up of two prayers. The first, The Lord is my Shepherd, is repeated three times. Then, a Night Prayer is repeated five times. The prayers...

Hail Holy Queen - Salve Regina - Soft Sacred Whispering

A mystical prayer to the sweet Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Lady, the Star of the Sea and the Mother of the Universe. Salve Regina is repeated ten times. Soft seashore ...

Joy - I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy!

A sweet, wee affirmation meditation to make you feel happy, content and effervescent. Featuring lovely harp and birdsong.Buy my lovely course Five Minute Sparkle and f...

Archangel Michael - Sacred Powerful Protective Prayers - Healing Mysticism

Prayers from the Saint Michael Novena published by W.H. Litho. Here you will find strengthening prayers of protection and peace, contemplating and calling on the power...

Pai Nossa & Ave Maria - Voz Suave, Harpa Celestial e Canto dos Pássaros - ASMR

Adoro a língua portuguesa e tive a sorte de aprender alguns hinos celestiais e também as orações do Pai Nosso e da Ave Maria em português. O episódio de hoje é uma gra...

The Lord's Prayer & The Hail Mary Prayer Whispered ASMR

Praise be to God. This is a whispered ten minute track of The Lord's Prayer and The Hail Mary Prayer. Each prayer is repeated ten times. It is soft and calming - a sac...

Day 13 - Introspection - 5 Minute Sparkle: 30 Empowering Days

Happy Friday! This is a day from my new course. It will help you 💚Day 13 is about introspection. Take time for yourself, away from the chaos of the day. Be like a hibe...

Self-Respect - 5 Minute Sparkle Pre-Release ⭐

This is empowering Day 14 from my soon to be released course. I've included the description and a question for you to consider.Day 14 wishes for you to remember your c...

Devotion - Five Minute Sparkle - Pre-Release Day from my New Course

Happy Monday! This episode is taken from my new 30 day course which I'm in the middle of making right now. It includes serene vibrations and healing affirmations. Be d...

Snowy Full Moon Celestial Healing Transmission

A divine, healing, supportive offering from the snowy full moon.

Trust - Positive Affirmations of Power

A set of affirmations to help you remember to trust your instincts and inner knowing. With strengthening harp.

New Year's Blessing 2023 - Uplifting Words & Sacred Harp

Powerful words of transformation and sacred, healing harp.

Tropical Vibes - Rainforest Meditation with Healing Harp

Calming words, ethereal harp and a rainforest soundscape.

Cosmic Cat Purrfest Meditation

Relax into the vibrating sound of cosmic cats.

Full Moon Meditation

Let go of your agitation and seek out positive affirmations with the powerful full moon.

Self-Worth - I Believe in Me

How to overcome the negativity inside.

I am Flame of Light - Release Burden into the Fire

Let everything go into the flames and connect with fire.

Blackbird Blessings - Visualisation - Birdsong - Harp

Short visualisation from the eyes of a blackbird then lots of blackbird song with healing harp melodies.

What Colour are You? Peaceful Colour Meditation with Ambient Healing Music

Colour visualisation, peaceful meditation, a little breathing, beautiful, soothing music.

Venus - Inspiring Guidance & Cosmic Harp Journeying

Soar to Venus with beautiful reflections, affirmations and ethereal harp music.

Golden Sun Meditation - Tropical Harp Soundscape - Feel at Ease in the Warmth

A meditation on the warmth and nourishment of the sun followed by a tropical harp soundscape.

Psychic Vampires - Gaining Confidence - Breathing - Flowing Harp Activation

How do you deal with psychic vampires and how do you protect your spirit? Breathing and harp activation.

A Meditation on Earth - Positive Affirmations - Cosmic Harp Journeying

Astrological reflections on what it means to live on Earth. Positive, healing affirmations. Healing harp meditation.

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