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I am the Wind - Into the Nucleus of Nature you go - Meditation & Bright Solstice Harp

A meditation on nature. A silent meditation (with the wind in the background) and a Solstice harp activation to end.

Cultivating Gratitude - 5 Minute Meditation - 3 Minute Harp Reset

A chat about being grateful, a 5 minute silent meditation and a 3 minute harp reset for good vibrations.

Silver Snow Moon - Empowerment Prayer & Cosmic Harp

Prayer of empowerment taking in the energies of the moon.

Hummingbird Prayer - Joyful Harp - Magical Words

A magical, healing prayer calling in the energy of the joyful hummingbird with uplifting harp melodies.

Mermaid Meditation - A Vision Quest into the Ocean - Come play with the Dolphins

Calm cosmic harp, an awakening ocean soundscape and a soothing underwater vision quest.

Prayer to my Spirit Guides - Powerful Words - Ethereal Harp

A powerful prayer asking for help in finding a peaceful, joyful, healing existence.

Resisting Letting Go of the Bad - Leaving the Past Behind

The tricks the mind can play when dealing with negative experiences and thinking about how to snap out of that way of thinking. Plus lovely, ethereal harp.

Acceptance - Centering Words - Sweet Harp

Reflecting on how to accept situations and relinquish control followed by sweet harp.

Spring - Come Rest in the Woods for a While

A little nature meditation featuring delightful birdsong.

Patience - Lessons - Breathwork - Magical Music

A relaxing, healing meditation about cultivating more patience.

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