New Year's Blessing 2023 - Uplifting Words & Sacred Harp

Powerful words of transformation and sacred, healing harp.
A New Year's blessing to help you fly.

This new year I wish for you an abundance of love and laughter.
I wish for you peace and forgiveness.
That you may have a lightness of spirit so bright, you will heal the world with your smile and kind eyes.
I wish for you the discernment to know when to say no and the courage of heart to know when to say yes.
May you fly high with the connection of others and have a safe space to return to for rejuvenation and rest.
May you always have enough and always be grateful for what you have.
I wish your heart to be full of wonder and adventure.
I wish for your inner child to cartwheel, dance and sing with bubbles and starlight.
I wish you to remember how powerful you are, holding infinite magical galaxies in the palm of your hand.
May you have the best of all things good.

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Thank you ✨

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