Self-Respect - 5 Minute Sparkle Pre-Release ⭐

This is empowering Day 14 from my soon to be released course. I've included the description and a question for you to consider.

Day 14 wishes for you to remember your confidence, strength and self-worth. You are so worthy and wonderful. Do what's good for you. Stay in the light -high and pure. Make decisions about who you spend your time with - kind healing people are best. You are a temple, full of thoughts and emotions. Say nice things to yourself, praise yourself, hug yourself. You need you! And then stand tall. You are a unique being. Do not let anyone put you down. Walk away with your head held high. You are loved. 

What does self-respect look like to you?
1, Having healthy, non-toxic relationships with friends and family.
2, Only using positive words to describe myself.
3, Knowing that I have value in this world.
4, Being able to say no and stand up for myself when I'm not comfortable with a situation, person, relationship.
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