Comforting Divine Mother Meditation with Celestial Harp

A longer episode today.

"Just as the sun shines in the sky and the moons radiates through the night, the Divine Mother is always here for you". This a line from the channelled message I received from our sweet, sacred, universal mother - Our Immaculate Lady, the Virgin Mary, the Star of the Sea, the Sweetest Rose in God's Garden of Flowers. I feel great love and comfort thinking of Her and standing in Her infinite grace.

Here you will find a poetic, beautiful meditation connecting you with the feminine power of the Divine Mother. Feel nurtured and comforted. Gain strength from celestial wisdom and support. This magical meditation in E Major is here to soothe and empower you. You will connect with the most perfect mother. A universal mother. The words are accompanied by ethereal harp music. 25 mins meditation and 10 mins pure harp to finish. Darling image by CB

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