Day 13 - Introspection - 5 Minute Sparkle: 30 Empowering Days

Happy Friday! This is a day from my new course. It will help you 💚

Day 13 is about introspection. Take time for yourself, away from the chaos of the day. Be like a hibernating bear and curl up in your nest, looking after your own needs and nourishing your spirit. Avoid social media. Alternatively go on a solo walk and exercise your body. Whatever you choose, protect yourself from toxic situations. This time is about looking after you. Practise solitude. Be with your thoughts, away from others. You have a beautiful heart and soul. Choose the chance to listen to your inner knowing. You can only listen when you're peaceful, quiet and powerfully alone.

I choose to nourish my inner self so I feel fulfilled and healthy.

I clear away any negative energy from my thoughts and body.

I trust these moments of healing solitude.

What does introspection feel like to you?
  1. I'm like a bear. I get cosy, warm and snug with all my favourite things. I love being on my own. It's healthy and I feel so happy. The trouble arises when I have to be social again....
  2. I wish I could do it more but my life is busy. I try to take moments when I can and I always appreciate every second to rejuvenate my unique spirit. Five minutes to myself does wonders for my mental health. Ten minutes…woweee!
  3. I find introspection hard. I'm always on the go, always around people, I definitely need to try it because I say yes to everything and it leaves me burnt out. Maybe I don't know how to be on my own. Maybe I should try.
  4. I love being by myself but I need to choose how I spend my time wisely (rather than glued to my phone). I'm going to try doing a couple of nourishing things, like listening to healing music or a teacher's wise words, maybe read a book. It'll be really good for me.
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