Venus - Inspiring Guidance & Cosmic Harp Journeying

Soar to Venus with beautiful reflections, affirmations and ethereal harp music.
This is another magical episode from my planetary healing course. You can listen to all the episodes on Insight Timer, if you join as a member. I'll also be releasing them as a whole on Bandcamp in the future.

Today, we’ll talk about Venus and celebrate the beautiful, luxurious aspects that Venus has to offer. Venus is here to make sure you feel gorgeous! There’ll be delightful affirmations connected to the lovely energies of Venus and then a vivaciously bright journey of a soundscape where I’ve given some attention to the note of G# (221.23 Hz), the sound frequency of Venus.

For more high vibrational, planetary music check out my ethereal harp album Planets I.
For more ambient, atmospheric sounds here's my Cosmic Harp page.

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