Psychic Vampires - Gaining Confidence - Breathing - Flowing Harp Activation

How do you deal with psychic vampires and how do you protect your spirit? Breathing and harp activation.
In this episode I talk a little about my experience with psychic vampires and my take on them. It's such a big subject with many deep emotions that I've experienced over the years and I'll definitely revisit it in more detail again. Around 4 mins, I tell the story of a woman who was dealing with them * at a party (I didn't make this clear) - and how she looked after herself and didn't stay around to be talked at again and again. I loved her confidence to just leave! 

I talk about the importance of speaking up for yourself and not putting up with being disrepected by people. In those moments of power your true confident nature shines through and you become a point of healing angelic light.

There are some moments of breathing (4-7-8), a little listen to the raindrops splashing down the window panes and a harp activation to finish called Flow.
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