A Meditation on Earth - Positive Affirmations - Cosmic Harp Journeying

Astrological reflections on what it means to live on Earth. Positive, healing affirmations. Healing harp meditation.
This episode is taken from my inspiring planetary course, due to be released on Bandcamp in the near future. Made up of 11 parts, it takes you on a fulfilling, relaxing, cosmic journey into our solar system.

A little info: An exceptional and unique course, six months in the making. Enjoy a collection of eleven cosmic harp journeys, composed and crafted in alignment with the vibration of each planet. This beautiful course will give you strength, peace and vitality. It will boost your confidence and celebrate your uniqueness. I’ll introduce the planets, tell you a little about their wondrous natures and touch upon their positive astrological traits. You’ll get the chance to think about how their individual characteristics can be used as helpful influences in your own life.

Today, we’ll talk about Earth. Your anchor. Your stability. The solid foundation on which you live. A place of action. A place where all your senses collide. There’ll be affirmations taking in Earth’s grounding energies and then a strong, exotic soundscape with some attention given to the note of G (194.18 Hz), the sound frequency of Earth.

If you liked Earth's harp journey and want to hear more planetary music, the first volume - Planets I - is available to buy here.

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